Meet our staff

Adilah Aalee

Head of the news reporters

Adilah Aalee has joined our team in 2015. She has started her venture as a reporter and quickly climbed the ladder to become the head of the news reporter.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family. Traveling is one of her hobbies and plans to visit a new country on a yearly basis – so far, she counts 12 countries.

Anisah Baseer

Official head of photographers

Anisah Baseer has joined Islamic News as a freelance photographer in 2016. She proves her experience and style in no time, so she leads our photographer team now.

She is one of the most diversified people in our team and has a plethora of hobbies. Most importantly, she enjoys crafts and tried to engage in all kinds of projects in her free time.

Abdul Hannan

Co-founder and news editor

Abdul Hannan is one of the co-founders of Islamic News. He is one of the main news editors within the company as well.

He is married and has four children, so his family represents his main priority. He likes spending time traveling around and enjoys a day out whenever he is off duty.

Masood Bukhari

Co-founder and reporter

Masood Bukhari is one of the co-founders and has become one of the main reporters – if something happens, he will be there.

Prior to enlarging the team, he used to do everything for Islamic News. He has more time to spend with his family now, not to mention his hobbies – traveling, swimming and days out.

Introducing our team

Here at Islamic News, we take pride in our team. We know that everyone has a fit role in a perfectly running environment. Without one of our members, the whole system falls apart, so we take care of our staff.

We are proud to mention that we have managed to gather together a team of professionals who love what they do and do it to fuel their passions. We are a team, rather than a bunch of people.

Doing it for you

We know what people think about the press – everyone is biased. Not us! Islamic News is one of the most unbiased portals in terms of news and editorials. We present you the news as they happen – we are one of the first sources of information in terms of speed, but you can be ensured that what you read is the actual reality. We have already built our reputation on how serious we are when it comes to relating events, so you can leave yourself in good hands.