About us


It was only a hobby

We have started Islamic News as a hobby. It was a venture aimed at open minded Muslims interested in reading real stories and real events, rather than fake news and made up reports.

It was a basic website with nothing but news. With time, we had more volunteers joining us, as it was something new at that time. One thing led to another...

Things went further on

It took us less than a couple of years to realize we were one of the most visited sources of Islamic news over the Internet. That is when we decided it could be the time to become professional.

Islamic News was no longer a hobby website, but an authority portal. We employed people and we turned this little project into a large scale portal covering the whole world.

What happens today

Today, Islamic News is the #1 source of informations for Muslims, regardless of their location. We bring the news to you – no more bias and no more hidden details.

We are not politically or religiously affiliated. Instead, we present the latest news as they happen – you will not have to double check with another source or back our information up because we have nothing to hide regarding what happens out there.

All for our audience

While many perceive Islamic News as a business, we still see it as a hobby project. Despite its professional status, we do it because we love it.

We got involved in the attempt to become an authority. We do not like people getting informed from fake news or reports hiding details or getting biased. Instead, we want people to make their own decisions based on real facts – perhaps this is what makes us such a reliable source of information.

We hear about it

We go there

We report it

We keep you updated