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Stories and Articles

How Is Airflow Important During Vaping?

Airflow holds an important connection with vaping. With companies advertising customised airflow on devices, you might be curious to know about the buzz. When the vaping industry was at its initial stage, airflow was very limited. Manufacturing of vaping devices were much easier and cost effective.

The flow was designed in such a way that it was limited. Besides, most of these devices were made to imitate cigarettes. The idea behind the creation of this device was to reduce the use of traditional smoking among consumers.

If we talk about vaping, quality of the product also influences its use. With the market of vaping on the rise, it is difficult to find a genuine product at a reasonable price. However, if you are looking for the best vape juice you can get it from

In the current market trend, all the devices are manufactured with customised system of adjusting airflow.

If you want to know about how airflow influences the use of vaping devices, read on.

What air hole does?

Firstly, it is important to know what air holes do in the use of a vaping device. E-cigarettes usually have controlled flow of air so that you find the same taste as of cigarettes. In contrast to that method, now vaping devices have more holes to make it easier for you without needing to pull harder. In both the cases, you get to enjoy the same amount of vapour.

Small v/s big holes

The flavour and throat hit alters with the change in the air flow. Larger the holes, larger is the exhale of smoke. Larger the thickness, larger is the effect on the throat. However, the extra cloud of vapor which is released often destroys the original taste of the vapor. With a slight change in the holes, the taste of the vapor can be increasingly experienced.

Airflow and power

Airflow can also be said connected to the power your device has been putting out. Thus, some devices are manufactured in such a way that it can work with highly configured power. They are designed in such a way that they can blow high power clouds. Apart from this, this method is being carried out because they also need to deliver heat like that of a cigarette. 

There are few factors which might affect the flow of air. You must be careful in cleaning the internal components of the device regularly. This will help to deal with the level of airflow. If you are already having issues of limited airflow along with the areas joining the coil are filled with rubbles, the flow of air possibly might already be restricted. The instruction manual will have necessary details of the components which can be possibly cleaned.

Another factor that can possibly affect the airflow is the design of the device. Some devices might possess a larger piece of mouth but smaller coil size.

Thus, these are some factors which can possibly influence the flow of air in a vaping device.