Islamic News brings in the latest Islamic news from all over the world. Our portal has been established to keep Islamic communities updated to what is going on, regardless of their location. Read the latest news involving Muslims and the Islam, as well as various editorials in the same domain. Given the lack of a detailed portal to provide Muslim updates, Islamic News has quickly become a front runner in this field. Apart from news, you will also get daily Islamic teachings, prayer times and updates on the upcoming festivals in the Muslim world.
Islamic News is not a regional website providing local news or updates. Instead, it supports the entire international Muslim community. Whether it comes to representative Muslims aiming to change the world through their good will actions, war related news from affected countries or various cases involving Muslims, our portal has settled as a viable educational source for those who want to find out more about Islam and everything related to it. Check our portal on a daily basis for everyday updates and news, but also go through our articles and stories in the blog for some interesting editorials.

If it has already happened, this is where you will read about it first.

Here at Islamic News, we like to believe that we are always connected. We have plenty of reporters scattered all over the world. They filter news round the clock to bring you the latest reports. If it has happened already and it involves Muslims, chances are it is already here. While specialized in Islam related news and reports, some of our articles will bring in unrelated news as well, as long as they are of international importance. From good news to unfortunate happenings, we have everything covered.

This is all about updates, rather than biased articles and opinions.

Here at Islamic News, we know what the general perception of the press is. Different websites or news agencies aim to promote different ideas. You might read the same news in two different places and get two different stories, depending on the respective agency's point of view. While we do share editorials that express personal opinions, our news are completely unbiased. You have a clear story about what happened – no missing details, no hidden elements and no random fillers.

Whether it relates to Islam directly or indirectly, you will hear about it.

Islamic News has been specifically developed for those interested in Islam related stories and articles. With these aspects in mind, you will read about stories that can affect the international Muslim community – even if the effects are indirect and less obvious. Some of the updates (such as a Muslim family sharing food to the homeless or an attack on a mosque) are crisp and straight to the point. Others are indirectly related to the Muslim community, yet they will still make it to our portal in no time.

Read Islamic News at the latest standards in terms of quality.

Our team is based on professionals – no doubts about it. We have a team of leaders responsible for smaller teams, but we also have a bunch of experts in each team. This way, we know that no matter what you are interested in, chances are you can find some appealing reports or editorials about it. We employ professional journalists, only to ensure that their points of view are not included in their reports. At the same time, we want our news to be clear, concise and make it straight to the point.

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